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Sports tournaments

Sports tournaments are a great way to celebrate the incredible diversity of our local communities. They can be organized around any sport and bring a wide array of people together. It can be focused for many different types of community groups, churches, schools, people groups, nationalities, or local organizations from the community or city. The tournament provides a beautiful foundation for relationship building that naturally leads to gospel conversations and can initiate disciple-making, and can also be included next to or as part of a festival.

A sports tournament can also help you connect and build the Kingdom of God by developing relationships with and meeting the leaders of the families and marginalised people groups in your community. These relationships can help you to understand the needs of these groups from their perspective to serve them better.


​Teams compete in a regular tournament format (round robin games and finals) with a prize giving ceremony and a word of encouragement at the end. 


You can also think LEGACY of the tournament - how may this lead to monthly or even weekly games or leagues or games in which you can help build stronger personal relationships with local young adults or youth to enter into a discipleship process? For more information see sports communities in the library.

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