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Festivals give people in the community the opportunity to experience the Kingdom of God!

They’re a time to create an atmosphere of celebration, (Matthew 22:2);

an opportunity to build community – where everyone is included and people build relationships; and for people to hear about Jesus.


Festivals aim to have a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere where everyone is included, accepted and valued – just as they are (with a special focus on children). They create access into your community and help to start the process of making disciples.


We hope to see festivals being organized in partnership between churches and ministries all over France, and that they will help people feel comfortable connecting with local churches, and opening up doors for believers to share the truth of the gospel with their communities.


A festival is comprised of three phases Engagement: a time that is fun and welcoming! The team, especially the center games crew, invites everyone

to participate. Cooperation: Involves games where people are working together, and making new friends. Community: is when a sense of belonging is building. More and more people are participating and the excitement rises. As it ends people won’t want to leave.


Some examples of the types of games and activities that can be used at a festival are:

  • ‘In the Pond, Out the Pond’

  • Water balloon volleyball

  • Limbo

  • Parachute games

  • ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’

  • Hokey cokey dance

  • Line dancing

  • relays

  • Face painting

  • balloon sculpting

  • Funny face biscuits

  • circus skills

  • Clowning

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