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Sharing your faith

Community events provide an unique opportunity to build relationship and to share

our faith with neighbors, friends, and strangers in a gentle and caring way, and to invite them into

God’s family.


It’s helpful to have an appropriate setting for faith sharing to take place. It helps if

you have:

  1. Fun activities for all ages;

  2. a ‘serving’ team to run the event (food & activities);

  3. a ‘meet & greet’ team near entry-points to prayerfully connect with individuals and be warm and friendly;

  4. pre-planning meetings/training for both teams to be ready 

    1. to answer, “who is putting on the festival/community event and why” and 

    2. to understand & be contextually sensitive to share their faith.

Process of Sharing:

  1. Use safe conversation starters like greetings or festival info to connect with individuals;

  2. take the initiative to build a bridge of acceptance and care;

  3. take relaxed opportunities to share about our own faith and invite a response.

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