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Music and arts

Music has an undeniable connection to sports in producing an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Just as praise and worship is used within the church, certain songs praise and worship players and teams. Others can inspire courage and reproduce an identity and unity, such as national anthems and that one famous sing along that everybody knows the words too !


How can local musicians use their talents to produce an atmosphere of joy and celebration and share the gospel? to give praise and worship to the true giver of joy and celebration !

Other options can be public concerts , karaoke events, worship evenings, or even forming a music group that learns the national anthems, famous songs and worship in the native languages of participating nations !


Artistic expression is also an important part of French culture and society. Wherever there is an opportunity to see and admire joy, beauty and celebration, sports and arts are often intertwined. 

God is the greatest artist and whether it's through the lens of a camera, a painting or through dance, it often inspires people's imagination towards a creator.

There are many shapes, forms and varieties an artistic exhibition can be performed, open air on the streets or public viewing in a gallery or studio.

It can come in many forms bringing healing, prophecy, and can often provide an opening for spiritual discussions and relationship building. 


Why not think of how artists in your area can reach the community through your artistic gift?!

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