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Watch parties and cultural exchanges

This strategy can help you initiate relationships in your local community by providing a fun and entertaining platform and atmosphere for people to celebrate watching a game together. 

It can be used to target specific people groups such as student’s or for anyone and everyone including families. It is specifically a great way to include and learn and appreciate the diversity of other cultures. 


Cultural evenings can include 

  • inviting a local person who is from one of the playing nations to share about their country, learning and listening to their song’s and traditions, 

  • doing challenges associated with language learning, 

  • playing different sports that are native or famous to that country, 

  • organizing a bingo or quiz of the country facts, 

  • athlete testimonies at half time

  • providing a meal or apéro and drinks from the participating nations

  • …and any other ideas you might have !

For more info on the transmission of the matches, when and what channel they will be played on and the rules surrounding the transmission itself click here:


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