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Ways to play!

There are many different ways that you and/or your church can share the gospel and celebrate with your local community during the rugby world cup !


We have created a resource to help you come up with a strategic plan with a number of different ideas on how to connect and serve your local community.

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How to use it:

This is not a pre-set plan, it is simply a guide or outline of how to think about preparing a local event or strategy ! 

Other things to think about - how many people are you targeting? How many people have you got in your team to serve?

However, don’t feel limited to these ideas only ! Play to your strengths and passions ! 

Feel free to come up with your own ideas and don’t hesitate to share them with us ! We would love to share your ideas with other people or groups and create networks or partnerships with others who have a heart and call or passion for the same target groups that you do, locally, regionally or nationally to build teams to serve and bless your city and the nation!

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