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Sending and receiving teams

Receiving teams is a partnership and can be a huge help in serving  and come alongside a local ministry leader or a church to multiply ministry efforts to make disciples in the local community. 


Many options for sending and receiving teams exist.  Incoming teams are not the creators or drivers of ministry projects, they are the "cherry on the cake" who bring excitment, enthousiasme, attract people and encourage the local ministry leaders and churches in their projects.

Teams depend on the vision and commitment of a local team that they can come alongside to serve,  share expertise, advice, and resources.  Their main role is to inspire, invigorate and bolster current ministry projects together to help create capacity for the local ministry to flourish once the team has left. 


The main goal is leaving a legacy !


Teams require hosts ! How can your church welcome and bless those coming to serve ?


 It's a great way to help bless those who have been sent ! It is better to give than to receive !

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